Written by Carly Shields

The Freeway Revival is a five-piece Americana-blues-rock band from Asheville, NC, that prides itself on powerful lyrics and harmonies often lost in the larger jam scene. Their first full length release, the 11-track “Revolution Road,” is a high-energy infusion of ripping blues licks, funky keyboard trills, smooth, welcoming vocals, and poignant stories perfectly accented by unique and impressive instrumentation.


“Goodbye” acts as a strong introduction to the band and album, offering every member a chance to shine between each intricate verse. This song, and many of the others to come, recall a late-90’s to early 2000’s embracing of the lyric and the jam; it’s been a while since people have been able to pay attention during shows, but The Freeway Revival is set to change this. “Soul Survivor” shows off the band’s more rockin’ side, while “Rise” presents the first ballad-style composition that perfectly maintains the band’s signature sound and messaging.


“Wise Up” and “Peace” follow that lead, offering dance-inducing music behind important concepts to consider, especially in these days and times. All the songs have beautiful harmonies complimenting the melody, but the 6th selection, “Wandering,” is perhaps one of the albums strongest displays of what these men can do with their voices. “Sense of Wonder” and “Angel in Rymes” echo early String Cheese in a way that is fresh and innovative, but also familiar and exciting to hear again. “When it Breaks” is the song that could become their live anthem; it surprises, it builds, it switches direction on a word, it’s highly-sing-along-able. They close it out with another strong, well-blended proclamation of who they are; The Freeway Revival, bringing songwriting to the foreground while not sacrificing a moment of rock within them.