Primate Fiasco, Massachusetts Winter

Written by Randy Harris

The Primate Fiasco, in and of itself, is a bold musical experiment. The band is composed of an interesting instrumentation, featuring sousaphone, accordion, banjo and drums. On top of that, these instruments are each used in a manner that is not generally heard. The sousaphone takes over the role that is usually filled with a bass guitar, and the banjo is played more like a lead guitar, although some traditional banjo pickin’ can be heard at times. Finally, the accordion takes the usual keyboard role, rounding out this unique, experimental vision. This aspect of the band can make their music a bit off to the ears… at first. Give it just enough time to grab you, however, and you’ll inevitably become enrapt in The Primate Fiasco. Today, the band continues to pop up at festivals and venues around the Northeast, and they are ready to release their third full-length album.

The eclectic quartet explores some unique motifs throughout this new project, entitled Massachusetts Winter. The opening tune, “Astronauts,” poses an interesting thought regarding a scenario in which we are all astronauts and thus, there is no space anymore. “Mary Towne Estey 1692” takes us back in time to the days of the Salem Witch Trials, and then “Steamfunk” launches off into an instrumental journey. Other highlights include “Because Summer,” the joyous ode to the summer season, and the kooky “Birds Are Bad Swimmers.” The album as a whole is a unique adventure. If you’re looking for something a little different, something that challenges your ears to keep up, then The Primate Fiasco’s Massachusetts Winter is definitely for you.