Album Review:

Solar Circuit, Levitate

Written by Stew Pitt.

Solar Circuit’s four track EP Levitate induces immediate incurable foot tapping driven by Rob Fray’s steady beat entwined with bubbling bass notes from Taylor Jamison. The vibe of this Philly based five piece easily conjures images of lit hula hoops and furry hats, spinning and bouncing, amongst the electrokeys of Becca Levan and Mike Cheribuno, on the opening track “The Calling,” which did, in fact, call to me.

“Trance Hop,” the next track, rolls in like a cool misty morning by the seemingly fire warmed guitar of Nick Orlove splashing against a back beat of hand drums, luring in a funky bass and keys that amount to what I can best describe as a dark funky clown parade that evolves into a high speed, while rockin’ out, car chase. The driver next delivers me to the “Mountain Goddess,” the third track, who chants with a familiar emotion to draw you in. The goddess reveals her many moods as the guitar screams in your face but is then quite subdued, “as the days go by.”

The final track, “Abydos” (an ancient Egyptian city–I had to check, and now you won’t need to), begins with sound bytes of a Discovery shuttle taking off against the back drop of a drum driven jam that takes you out into orbit, far away. If after listening to this track you haven’t started thinking of which costume you will don for Solar Circuit’s next local show, they might not be funk laden groove producers you seek, but I’m thinking Wookie all the way. Far out man.

A multipaced intergalactic space journey that is sure to bring all the glow stick tossers to the yard and ultimately awakens far more than a foot tappin’ in those onlookers who are prone to dance, yet managing to set aside a few moments for those who enjoy a space to contemplate. Levitate proved a provocative first exposure for me to Solar Circuit who produce a sound that would pair nicely with a taste for Lotus, Papadosio, and the like. I plan on grooving and experiencing live the tightness this EP ensues.