Written by Jocelyn Dietrich

The Baltimore based, 6 piece bunch known as Edjacated Phools have a bright future shaping up for them as they head into 2017. Not only are they filling their schedule with shows, but they’ll be dropping their first full length LP. Formed in 2014, Devin Barone (drums), Tyler Garrison (bass), Nick Hatzis, (vocals) Kyle Sappington (vocals), Logan Sappington (guitar, vocals), and Ben Yancheski (keys) are a reggae rocking, hip-hoppin’ punk sound we haven’t quite heard yet.

Just in 2016, Edjacated Phools joined The Expendables at Baltimore Soundstage, and also joined the ranks of bands like The Wailers, SOJA, and Rebelution, recording their entire EP with Jim Fox at Lion & Fox Recording Studios in College Park, MD. They also planned and played the very first Hightopps Backstage Bash, a one day festival showcasing Baltimore’s local arts and music. Their first single, “The Truth” has been holding us over until we get the full LP.

“The Truth”, much like the rest of their music, is a classic reggae jam with a new wave twist and a message for the masses. “The inspiration for ‘The Truth’ was our desire to shed light on the real issues people deal with on a day-to-day basis. The new normal for a lot of people is a feeling of defeat; this song acknowledges that feeling while sending the message that we are also in control of our own life through the decisions we make and the consequences we face,“ they told us. Edjacated Phools is out to make “conscientious, fun music”, and their single is just that.

With their lyrical inspiration coming from the daily grind, the music comes to them through simply jamming together. With the guitarist, Logan, and drummer, Devin, living together, the improv sessions are frequent, thus leading to much of their musical content’s birth. Once a theme or message is established, Nick and Kyle (vocals) tag team the lyrics.

Catch them live in action at Metro Gallery on February 25th in Baltimore, opening for The Expendables, RDGLDGRN, and Tribal Theory at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on March 14th, and at Johns Hopkins University Spring Fair and the Baltimore Light City Festival in April. The Second Annual Hightopps Backstage Bash will also be taking place this summer, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for those dates! Until then check them out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/edjacated-phools.

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