Are you a huge Dead Head? Well, test your knowledge! Skim through this puzzle of tunes and count how many Grateful Dead songs you can find.  The person who guesses the correct amount will win a free Appalachian Jamwich pin!

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Good luck, may the dead be with you!

Illustration by: Rachel Brown

Illustration by: Rachel Brown

The only time is now to get on the new potato caboose, said Casey Jones. Even though he’s gone there’s help on the way and this doesn’t have to be eternity.  Ruben and Cherise could feel the ripple down so many roads and had no choice but to let it grow.

Back in Picasso Moon people called my brother Esau a loser, but now that he is down at Franklin’s Tower it’s easy to see he has sailed on the ship of fools.  When push comes to shove, you don’t have to ask for the truth, and believe it or not we all know he was either the victim or the crime.  He wasn’t built to last and sooner or later he and Cassidy were going to meet a friend of the devil who would help get them a room at Broke Down Palace.

I chose the Golden Road and never looked back!  I wanted to be standing on the moon, not singing the Cumberland Blues.  Just a little light from Althea was all I needed to get through the touch of grey that was lingering since the last time I saw Esau.  That’s it for the other one my mom would say, but she always knew I’d become the eyes of the world.  I didn’t want to go to hell in a bucket or let her down, so I planned my Alabama getaway.

It must have been the roses that day that drove me out of town.  That’s when I met Casey and Jack Straw.  Jack had a foolish heart and was on the way to get married to a pretty girl named Bertha.  The whole ride from Terrapin Station Casey and Jack talked back and forth.  It was either a complete fabrication or the greatest story ever told, but either way it passed the time.  I couldn’t wait till the morning comes.  A long night in a cold box of rain would make a blind man long for the sunrise.

The train pulled into Shakedown Street and the operator gave us the cue to get off.  We were no longer a passenger and the journey continued.  The sign read, If I had the World to Give: Pride of Cucamonga township, and I knew this was my new home.  I don’t know if it was saint of circumstance or the estimated prophet but something helped me beat the “dire wolf” that bit so many that I love.  It was a whole new world with plenty of opportunity.  I was not living on my time, the high time and I can’t come down.  I had a day of and by night I was singing with Uncle John’s Band or doin that rag.  There were good days and days in between, but it finally felt good not to sing the U.S. blues just to go to sleep.

I met Cosmic Charlie and Stagger Lee at Fire on the Mountain; a bar that sat against the water on Lazy River Road.  Right away I could tell they love each other and this was something far from me.  Even at my mom’s house I would feel like a stranger, but when I was with Charlie and Stagger, I instantly became part of an unbroken chain.  They asked if I wanted to go on a mindbender, and the only response that came to mind was might as well!  I knew this wasn’t going to be just one more Saturday night as the loose lucy hit me like tons of steel.  Out of nowhere I saw the candy man.  I don’t know if the other ones saw him too, but he told me to keep truckin, and that’s what I did.

The slipknot with Esau was holding me down for so long that once I threw caution into the black throated wind, the rest of my trip was smooth sailing.  Once we all came down I realized it was the people I was with that created attics of my life.  We can run, but we can’t hide and I’m thankful everyday for liberty from the dark star.  The music never stops now, and neither does my new family!


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  1. Curly

    Try this one:
    It’s been a long strange trip. I hitched a ride on Engine 99 and saw Cassidy during a Sunshine Daydream. He had the Walkin Blues for Althea and decided to Beat It On Down the Line. Believe It Or Not, The Unusual Occurrences in the Desert appeared as Visions of Johanna in a Dark Star for the Estimated Prophet. With lots of Caution, I did Step on the Tracks, and got hit by the Monkey and the Engineer. As luck would have it, Casey Jones came by smellin Stronger Than Dirt. He had the Big Railroad Blues for Pretty Peggy, and told me there was Help on the Way. I said That Would Be Something. A Wharf Rat named Cosmic Charlie who was a Friend of the Devil took me to Shakedown Street to meet Bertha. She was Born Crosseyed and was Throwing Stones. She gave me Scarlet Begonias and Caymans Masterpiece so I sang her a Bird Song From the Heart of Me. I wished I had the World To Give.
    We Milked The Turkey and shared some Sage and Spirit, and I Refrained form asking her if she was the Victim or the Crime. We crossed the Big River saw a Fire on the Mountain. We met Brown Eyed Women from France hanging out in Franklin’s Tower. There were Sandcastles and Glass Camels All Along the Watchtower.
    Ramble on Rose was a St of Circumstance with Eyes of the World and the Pride of Cucamonga. She told everyone that Women are Smarter and walked out in the Morning Dew yelling “I Need a Miracle.” Just then a Ship of Fools full of Lost Sailors came Truckin in from El Paso. The on with Crazy Fingers named Stagger Lee had a Blackbird that went Round and Round. He said Me and My Uncle were going to Hell in a Bucket. I said If the Shoe Fits. We mad a Deal in this Brokedown Palace. He gave me King Solomons Marbles At A Siding and I told him I knew Samson and Delilah and gave him China Cat Sunflower in return. He did the New Speedway Boogie and now He’s Gone.
    At Sunrise the Candyman came Knockin on Heavens Door so we hopped The Terrapin Flyer bound for El Paso. By this time the Passengers were yelling “Heaven Help the Fool.” I was in the Attics of My Life. The Operator of the Terrapin Transit was in a New Potato Caboose playing with Cryptical Envelopments and Wang Dang Doodles Bertha and I decided The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get so we prayed Blues For Allah and Liberty.
    We finally arrived at Terrapin Station. There was a Lady with a Fan named Corrina Playing in the Band named Dire Wolf. Stella Blue, St Stephen, Jack Straw, and Black Peter wer all Dancin in the Streets doing the Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo. The Music Never Stopped. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds said it Looks Like Rain so Dire Wolf played a Samba in the Rain and Bertha and I borrowed Loose Lucy’s empty cup. The Mighty Quinn came along and gave us a box to put our rain in so we put or Box of Rain in Space. We shared some Good Lovin and had High Times and the we decided That’s It for The Other One. We turned off our Lovelights and We Bid Each Other Goodnight, Till The Morning Comes.
    We shared One More Saturday Night and realized this could be The Last Time. We knew our love would Not Fade Away. I was Going Down the Road Feeling Bad with a Touch of Grey and the Mexicali Blues. I decided to sit right here until I die but everyone knows that Death Don’t Have No Mercy. I ran into My Brother Essau on the Serengetti. He was on an Alabama Getaway. I thought that this was possibly The Greatest Story Ever Told and suddenly realized that it was just a dream, just a dream, just a dream…

  2. Josh Thomas

    I counted 76. Am I right? Either way, thanx for doin’ whatcha do & thanx for the great article on 600LBS Of Sin!

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